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The Garden Destruction Crew

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Garden Dogs.jpeg

Sometimes my two dogs are my greatest garden frustration.

They charge around the garden destroying lawn, foliage and even knocking over potted plants.

But it is their environment as well as mine and without the pair of them the space would seem lifeless.

In fact, they know it more intimately than I do and I’m sure they love it just as much.

I look the other way when damage happens because I’m happy when the dogs are happy.

And such a jovial pair they are, chasing birds, hunting lizards and darting across the lawn for the joy of it.

It seems appropriate for me to honour my dogs in the garden they love with a few fun likenesses.

These Westie silhouettes are floating in a sea of Dead Nettle (Lamium maculatum).

Dead Nettle is distantly related to stinging nettles having fine hairs which cover the leaves but the hairs are ‘dead’ and do not sting. They enjoy a moist soil and do well in the shade. Be aware, some Dead Nettles sold in nurseries are annuals and some are perennials, I’ve been caught out in the past with plants dying in Autumn.

Dead Nettles have a tiny snapdragon like flower in shades of purple or pink and their variegated leaves of dark green and silver look fresh.

In deep shade these Dead Nettles highlight the dog silhouettes which otherwise would become less significant amongst the ground cover of dark green ivy.

I’m happy to report my canine destruction crew are yet to demolish their effigies.





Author: jenniferteh1

I am Jennifer Walker Teh, a garden lover, gentle traveller and occasional writer. I'm also a retired hospital pharmacist, and the Latin term Quantum Vis sometimes appears on prescriptions. It means to take or apply 'as much as you like' and so is an appropriate name for my website. Please drop in as much as you like. Jennifer

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